IT: The Symbolism

Hidden in the Crag

I think everything can be summed up with just using the new IT logo. It is the spiritual window/portal that is being opened through this symbolism of clowns/Nephilim to bring chaos and judgement

I recently watched the new movie IT. There was so much symbolism in it that I’m not sure if I even caught it all in one sitting. I will try my best to remember what I caught but I’m almost positive I will leave alot out. I will combine my research with what a few others have found. I normally don’t talk about the symbolism in movies not unless its directly related to the research I’m doing. In this case, its all related. I will try to link to papers I have written when its connected to the movie. Oh yeah, spoiler alert…kind of.

Let me say this first. There is more to this whole…

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